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10 Socially Distant (But Fun) Summer Activities

10 Socially Distant (But Fun) Summer Activities

1) Bean Bag Toss – This is an ideal game for social distancing. Spreading the targets out about twenty feet apart not only keeps players distant, but also allows for a fun, challenging contest!

2) Water Balloon Battle – Since swimming in the pool may not be an option for keeping cool, having a water balloon battle is the next best thing. Socially distant water balloon battles mean no close-range ambushes, but if rules of distance are kept, a fun time will still be had by all!

3) Tic-Tac-Toe – This time-honored classic game can be played through a window, using a window-safe marker and tape for the lines.

4) Lawn Bowling – Get creative with materials and set up your own lawn bowling alley! The whole family is sure to enjoy this competitive activity.

5) Sidewalk Chalk Drawing – Spread out and let your creativity flow, using sidewalk chalk to draw whatever you set your mind to drawing.

6) Bocce Ball – Easy to learn and set up, bocce ball is a great game to introduce to the whole family.

7) Virtual Game Night – Compete with friends and family who are also trying to social distance by playing a classic board game via a virtual hangout!

8) Socially Distant Walk – Going for a walk can still happen in these strange times! Just make sure you keep your distance from one another in the process.

9) Scavenger Hunt – Using walkie-talkies, compete against one another to go on a socially distant scavenger hunt!

10) Simon Says – Simon says, “Stay apart!” In this version of the classic game, spread all participants out, and encourage no touching of the face.