3 Tips to Target Millennials in Your Church

3 Tips to Target Millennials in Your Church

It’s the demographic everyone is after: young men and women. Whether it is soda, cinema, or salvation, all our society’s advertising efforts are directed towards the Millennial generation. But with all that inundation of advertising, all that claim on young people’s time, how can you and your church stand out?

Here are three tips to get your message in front of young eyes and bring the young flock back into the church.

1. Don’t be Condescending

It’s easy to think of Millennials as internet obsessed and flighty. But don’t underestimate them. Millennials are the most educated generation yet. When you interact with millennials, be it in person or online, it’s best to treat them like adults.

Mutual respect goes a long way with this generation, and they’re more willing to learn from you if you prove to them that you’re respectful. Maybe you’ll learn something, too!

2. Be upfront with the direct generation

Millennials are tired of being targeted by advertisers looking to sell. At this point, they’ve seen all the tricks in the book. They’ve been raised on colorful commercials for sugary cereal and have come of age in a world of viral marketing. But the thing that works best and cuts through the new century’s cynicism is genuineness. People like John Green, who specialize in being genuine and upfront, develop huge followings. And those followings remain loyal.

By refusing to play the game of salesmanship with your church and instead putting forward an open, concise, and honest message of what you stand for, you will get much more attention than all the flash you could think up would have brought.

3. Let technology be your friend

This is perhaps the most obvious point, but one well worth remembering. Most of life for young people is lived online. Be prepared to meet Millennials in their preferred world of communication. That means not just Facebook and Twitter but Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat, among others. Always be ready to jump into new technology. You’ll have much more success if you bring your church to them than if you expect them to come to church.

All this can seem a little hard to handle for people already busy trying to keep God in the lives of every person in their community. Next time you are looking to spread the Word to the next generation, remember these helpful tips.