5 BIG Tips for How To Make Videos Compelling

5 BIG Tips for How To Make Videos Compelling

Think about some of your favorite videos on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. What made them stand out to you? What made you want to share them, go back to that particular social media platform, or talk about what you saw? How did you find them? What did they inspire you to do?

Videos have to compete against status updates, photos, tweets, and links to other content on all forms of social media. This makes it all the more important for them to be eye-catching and to present information that stands out in this vast field of visual input.

At The Church Online, we work with ministries and organizations of all sizes to develop creative and eye-catching video content that is both viewable and shareable not only on their own ministry websites, but also on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other popular social media sites.

Use these top five tips to improve your video content:

1) Zone In, Not Out

Make sure your videographer is paying attention to the action, not tuning out. You wouldn’t want to have your pastor out of the frame or have abrupt camera movements.

2) Stay on Top of Trends in Technology

Your video won’t be impactful if the content is poor quality. Stay up-to-date with cameras, resolution, and audio equipment.

3) Incorporate Animation

Keep your video lively and fun with motion graphics such as logo reveals, 3D text, and overlays.

4) Sound Effects

Use catchy sound effects and soundtracks. Make your viewers want to keep listening.

5) Start with a Punch

Start your video off the right way—with a captivating image or key phrase from your pastor.