Expanding Church Outreach

Expanding Church Outreach: Strategies

Marketing your organization each year is a critical element of an overall growth and outreach plan. Plans to move ideas forward and highlight all the good points and positive movement in a year, a month, or even a week are imperative to grow, get messages out, and make sure that products and services are accessible to the proper demographic.

As Christians, we understand the good work being done, and we relish in the fellowship, the outreach, and the interaction with our pastors and fellow worshippers. Melissa Wharton, President and CEO of The Church Online notes that “Everyone, from the pastoral and ministry teams, administrative teams, church members, and those who live in the community should have a vested interest in the growth and the success of the ministry.

Ministries play a critical role in not only the spiritual wellbeing of its members, but also in the vitality of the communities they are a part of.” It is important to ensure your church or organization is meeting the needs of its members and the community. This involves accessibility, including expanded access to worship and community-based services. A user-friendly website can ease the process of tithing, prayer, ministry, or any other group involvement. The Church Online has recorded a sharp growth in online giving (an increase greater than 6x) over the last two years and has also noted a higher level of participation in ministry activities when online tools are incorporated into ministry websites making it simple for supporters to participate in ministry activities such as small groups, classes, special events and more.

Streaming live services and offering video on demand are a couple of other services you can utilize to help expand your message and your work to national, and even international, communities. Ongoing communication is imperative. Book publishing, weekly blogging, and regular video production and outreach will keep communication consistent, lively, and inspirational. Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, located in the East End of Pittsburgh, PA has found a great way to successfully contribute to their communication efforts. They have initiated a prosperous small group program that encourages fellowship with others while at the same time providing a biblical study component.

Aligning with the current ministry theme at the time, each of their curriculum workbooks has been written and provided to be engaging, inspirational, and enjoyable. Mt. Ararat integrates the workbooks with an effectively managed website, captivating videos, and inspiring pastor’s messages to keep communication alive and consistent.

Check back here weekly for more directed marketing tips from The Church Online’s Technology, Marketing, Design, and Publishing teams. We’ll be discussing how to start your marketing and growth efforts, how to expand on what you already have in place, and how to assess whether or not your current plan is meeting your organization’s goals.

We invite you to join us for weekly goal-setting as we continue this new year and have to face all those resolutions we have set—both personal and professional. Make 2019 your organization’s year for change and growth!