How to Brand Your Company with the Perfect Logo

How to Brand Your Company with the Perfect Logo

A good logo is essential to any organization, whether it is a church, business, or non-profit group. A logo may be one of the first pieces of information people see, revealing more about your organization than you may expect. A poorly designed logo will reflect negatively on your organization and is a sure sign of poor branding.

Too many organizations miss the mark when trying to create high-quality designs, but business owners and designers alike need to remember that the logo is the first step to creating a brand for your organization. It is just as important to create a strong foundation for your company’s image with your intended demographic. For maximum impact, be sure to make your logo simple, memorable, versatile, appropriate, and timeless. Do not make your logo trite, cliché, confusing, or misguided. Consumers are savvy, and they will remember a logo that is impactful. They will also forget logos that are all show with no substance or look like logos they’ve seen before.

When working with designers, be sure to follow these five rules for logo development:

Scalability and Color

Your logo should look just as good on a small button as it does on a large billboard. It should also be just as impactful in black and white as it is in color. Make sure the logo isn’t over-complicated with details that will confuse. Keep in mind that the color palette should be one that would work well with other complementary colors.


Your organization is unique with a specific vision. Embrace it. Your logo should reflect your vision creatively, communicating what the organization stands for.


Ideally, people should feel an emotional connection to the organization based on the logo, whether they’ve been involved with your organization for five minutes or five years. A memorable logo will fuel the fire of the connection. Start with a simple, professional design and go from there. Most importantly, make sure your logo is memorable for a good reason—not because it’s crazy and ridiculous, but because it’s unique, balanced, and professional.


Be concise with the wording of your logo. No one is going to remember a lengthy tagline and it will crowd the design of the logo. Don’t junk it up with wordiness. It needs to be clean and memorable. Some organizations take advantage of initialism, an abbreviation consisting of initial letters that are pronounced separately. Again, keep it short.


Don’t turn your logo into just another mandatory mark—a necessity of branding efforts. Honor your organization and create something beautiful and appealing.