Live & On Demand Streaming

Realize the power of utilizing high-quality video streaming to expand your reach.

The modern world is online. In order to expand your reach, you need the right partner to amplify the life of your organization, online. Whether your desire is to stream services, classes, special events, or build a global audience, The Church Online can help you reach your online goals. As a one-stop shop, The Church Online has everything you need to get your video on a custom media-centric web-page designed by professionals.

Generate revenue. Experience reliable service. Discover cross-platform compatibility.

Broadcast Live in Standard or High Definition.

  • Streaming to unlimited viewers worldwide using our world-class Content Delivery Network.
  • Mobile-responsive custom media page to display your live stream with options to add links to tithes and offerings, Chat rooms to build online community, and note-taking app.
  • Streaming to multiple locations including: Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Roku
  • Multiple bitrates ensure smooth streaming when you’re on mobile or wireless networks.
  • Custom configured encoding appliances compatible with the most common video systems.
  • Stream monitoring available to ensure your stream isn’t ruined when a camera isn’t turned on or audio levels are too low.

Our Services

Video On Demand

Utilize our Video on Demand Platforms to share your video content.

  • Automatically record and save your events.
  • Easily publish and unpublish pre-recorded content.
  • Take advantage of custom media centers with all the features you want most.
  • Around-the-clock availability for those that want to stay connected to your organization.

Why Stream?

Broadcasting is one thing. Understanding who is watching is another.

Receive accurate, direct analytic tools to determine your amount of viewers

Track viewers by location and time of day

Take advantage of geo-blocking technology

Effortlessly support multiple campuses

Our Services

Take a look at how the New Psalmist Baptist Church
shares video on demand content online.