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TCO Talks Teamwork

Question: Why is it important to tackle issues with your ministry using a team approach?

Answer: People have a variety of different skill sets. While one person might be an excellent written communicator, someone else might thrive in aspects of technical knowledge, and still another might inspire others with rousing speeches and powers of persuasion. It is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every member of your team.

One way you can assess those strengths and weaknesses is through taking aptitude tests and interest surveys. These guideposts can inform you as to specific areas where team members are gifted, as well as areas where they have an interest. Teamwork is particularly important when it comes to ministry settings because it is scriptural.

In the gospels, Jesus knew the strengths and weaknesses of his disciples, and he was able to use their passion and talents to create the very foundations of the early church. Sometimes, we even find that we are able to turn weaknesses into strengths, with help from others and from the Lord.

As a leader within the church, one of your chief jobs is to inspire and motivate others to go forth and use their gifts and graces to spread the gospel. Taking inventory and monitoring your own ability to lead often will be key in ensuring that others are spiritually nourished and inspired. Some guiding questions you can ask yourself are: How is God equipping me to lead? What gifts do I see in others? What weaknesses do I see and how can I turn those weaknesses into strengths? By developing and nurturing a team-first approach to ministry, you will surely see your flock increase in number and in their faith!