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TCO Talks Tech

Question: “What is the one thing many churches tend to overlook that could significantly contribute to their growth…especially during COVID-19?”

Answer: Technology.

We live in the age of connectivity. If you live in Rochester, NY but want to worship with your friends down in El Paso, streaming technology has you covered. Want to post a video of yourself singing as part of a virtual choir? Video editing technology has you covered. And, if you feel like your church is losing its footing during COVID-19, technology has you covered. So, why invest in technological resources now? Because you have a unique opportunity to connect with your congregation.

The time is now to get creative! Start thinking of ways in which you can utilize and implement technology to engage members of your congregation. You can stream worship services, hold a virtual Bible Study, and post photos of your own unique faith journey to social media. If you have events that you hold at your house of worship, consider how you might make those events digital. Congregations need to stay engaged and feel God’s love during this crisis. Give them that gift by being proactive and creative when it comes to optimizing your church’s technology.

Be sure to follow The Church Online on our social media platforms for weekly tips on using technology and other avenues to engage your congregation during the COVID-19 crisis! We understand that churches are in uncharted territory, and it is our aim to do whatever we can to help your congregation thrive during these uncertain times.