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TCO Talks Tithing

Question: What are three ways you can encourage giving within your congregation during the COVID-19 crisis?

Answer: Highlight your heroes, Offer digital offerings, Sprint to social media

Highlight your heroes: Chances are, within your congregation, there are people fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. If you highlight the important work these heroes are doing in the community, you show those in your congregation that you are supporting those on the front lines. Giving is spurred by empathy and exposure, and the more you expose your congregation to your heroes, the more empathy they will have for them and the mission of your church.

Offer digital offerings: Giving doesn’t have to involve cash and collection plates. As a matter of fact, plenty of church giving happens via digital platforms, such as the Cash App. If you give your congregation more avenues of giving their tithes and offerings, they will surely reward the extra effort. Additionally, you’ll give your church a leg up in the evolution of giving within congregations, as many millennials hardly handle cash anymore.

Sprint to social media: Social media has several things going for it: it’s fast, it’s accessible, and it’s free. Many members of your congregation likely have at least a Facebook account. Many more may take to Twitter or Instagram. By posting links where users can give, as well as promoting your heroes, you can increase that all-important empathy and exposure even more. Did I mention social media is free? You can pay to promote your posts if you wish, but if you just want to get the message out, doing so is free of charge.

Churches today need to get creative to bring in revenue, and this can be difficult, particularly without that reverent worship space bringing crowds every Sunday. However, with patience, planning, and a degree of ingenuity, you can ensure your church’s giving thrives during this time.