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TCO Talks Target Audiences

Question: Why is it important to target your media content to specific audiences?

Answer: Generating content for specific audiences will enable you to more effectively reach different audiences and create a sense of bonding and loyalty. Think about it: we speak differently to people depending on their particular age, gender, and background. By creating content that does the same, we are identifying with our audiences. This is important because we want to cultivate a sense of connection among the people we serve.

So, what does this look like in practice? As with timing your content, the goal is to meet people where they are. Instagram tends to skew younger, and TikTok, younger still, whereas Facebook’s users tend to be older. Younger users are also more likely to engage with video content, but for shorter periods of time than older users. Therefore, a bite-sized 1-2 minute video might fare well on Instagram (if it is longer than 1 minute, you’ll have to use the IGTV feature) with younger audiences.

Additionally, you want to know your followers. Do an audit: what is their average age? What sort of professions do they have? By doing an audit as to the makeup of your followers on social media, you will better be able to create a “mock follower”. This is the person you will want to target with much of your content. While it is important to branch out and create content for different age groups, if you have far fewer youth followers than adult followers, you’ll want to create more content that suits those adult followers, while creating outreach content to attract more youth to your social channels.

The makeup of your social followers may change over time, so it is imperative that you take inventory every few months or so to see who is following your social channels.