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The Future of Online Ministry: What is E-Membership in the Ministry?

Since the rise of the Internet, we have been able to access the world at the click of a button. From online shopping, to free entertainment, to social networking–we are completely exposed to the age of media. If the events of the past year and a half have taught us anything, it’s that having an online presence is more than important; it’s a necessity. But how does the Internet and the Church relate?

With some exceptions, the church was generally seen as the only gathering place for Christians around the world. Because of the pandemic however, social gatherings have been put on hold. Though many churches are reintegrating in-person worship, there is still this unabating need for e-Church and e-membership. Many churches are still exploring alternative gathering. Virtual worship has now become the new normal and it has proven its success.

Through The Church Online’s streaming platform and various social streaming services , like Facebook and YouTube, churches have created a virtual gathering place. Now online church and e-membership have become proxy to in-person gatherings.

What is E-Membership?

E-membership is when a person becomes a part of an organization or, in this case, a church by means of the Internet. E-membership has become popularized due to the global pandemic, however, it was not absent before. This form of membership offers an alternative way for believers and unbelievers to make a connection with the church and become a member of that church without having to physically be there.

Benefits of Offering E-Membership

Expanded Reach

You can spread the Gospel to anyone,anywhere. A positive aspect of being online is that your church can appeal to a global audience.

24/7 Access to Your Ministry and Resources

Online church allows members who aren’t able to leave their homes to still experience worship. Those who are near and far can have a spiritual resource to be empowered by.

Meeting Younger Generations Where They Are

Connecting with younger members is another important part of e-church and e-membership. A majority of millennials, Gen Z, and younger generations are continuing to look to social media and the internet as gathering places. Meeting them where they are can be an effective way to evangelize.

Flexible Worship

Sometimes it can be difficult for families, especially new families, to make it to church together, but online worship offers an opportunity for them to encounter the Word together virtually..

Becoming a Global Ministry

The church will always have room to grow online. The opportunities for congregation growth are tremendous when it comes to global ministry because the internet gives people the ability to access the church directly from anywhere.

Giving Made Easy

Tithes and offerings are what help fuel the mission of the church and though many churches are used to “traditional” tithing, there is a way to modernize the approach. Providing a variety of options to give online and through texting have become highly-effective strategies for ministries. Many churches have seen sharp increases in donations by integrating these technologies into their digital presence.

What is the future of church membership?

E-membership has opened a lot of new opportunities for churches. It has allowed them to amplify their ministry and expand their reach. E-membership will be an important part of the future. The Internet isn’t going anywhere and if anything, it is expanding. This isn’t to suggest that in-person gatherings will or should be a thing of the past, are not a critical part of healthy ministry relationships and fellowship opportunities, or that churches will be forced to offer e-membership. However, it is something to consider as we all navigate and transition into a digital world.

If you are interested in building an online presence for your church, receiving marketing guidance, brand management and more, The Church Online is here to help! Reach out today and let us help you meet your goals.

Onward and Upward!

-The Church Online