Communication, Education, and Training

Oct 23, 2023

Part 3 of TCO’s Preparedness Guide for Church Safety and Security Month

During Church Safety and Security Month, TCO Talks will explore the vital topic of safety preparedness for churches all throughout the month of October. In today’s blog post, we will discuss the importance of proper communication, education, and training.


Effective communication is crucial during emergencies.

1. Invest in reliable communication tools and establish clear lines of communication within your church community. Helpful resource articles such as Church Communication Solutions: A Comparison Criteriacan offer insight when investigating interface, usability, integrations, and value among software solutions.

2. Implement a communication plan that includes contact lists, communication devices, and designated communication leaders for each event.

3. Consult resources like FEMA’s Emergency Communication Plan for Families to help create effective communication strategies for your church community.

Education and Training

1. Develop training programs that cover first aid, CPR, and emergency response protocols. Schedule regular training sessions, maintain records of attendance, and periodically assess the effectiveness of your training programs.

2. Resources for faith-based communities from The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency can help to develop and practice a plan; Protecting Places of Worship: Six Steps to Enhance Security Against Targeted Violence.

3. Organizations like the American Red Cross and the National Safety Council offer training resources and courses in first aid and emergency response.

Churches are places of compassion, support, and hope. Through this blog series, we aim to empower church leaders and congregants alike with suggestions and resources to create an environment where faith can flourish without the shadow of safety concerns. Together, we can ensure that your church remains a place of refuge and strength.

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