Resources to Help Share MLK’s Vision with Today’s Youth in the Church

Jan 12, 2024

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s principles, centered around empowerment, community, and faith, resonate strongly with young people seeking direction and purpose. Let’s explore some ways your ministry can live out MLK’s teachings.

The King Center

Founded by Mrs. Coretta Scott King, The King Center is dedicated to preserving and advancing the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through educational initiatives, nonviolent advocacy, and community engagement programs. This institution offers a myriad of classroom resources to encourage individuals, including youth, to commit to actions and attitudes reflecting love, justice, and unity. Additionally, the King Center gives the opportunity to virtually tour the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park in Atlanta, GA.

Passport, Inc.

Passport, Inc., a nonprofit ministry, created a free downloadable youth lesson to help youth ministers connect King’s speeches with biblical passages. This resource aims to engage youth with the concept of “doing justice and loving kindness” by reflecting on MLK Jr.’s quotes and ideas​​.

Various Scholarships

An amazing resource you can offer the youth in your church is a list of MLK scholarships they can apply to. Several regions, institutions, and universities offer their own MLK scholarships, and eligibility varies. To help you get started, below are 2 national programs that offer educational scholarships.

Embodying Dr. King’s Truth

The programs and resources above provide just a start for church youth groups to engage with and be inspired by Dr. King’s legacy. However, one of the most powerful ways to guide youth is by being a living example. Regularly show and communicate how your church’s mission focuses on social justice, non-violence, community service, and the power of love and unity. Be a haven for young adults to learn, safely share their experiences, and help their peers and community. 

By actively integrating his principles into youth programs, churches can cultivate a new generation of compassionate, socially conscious leaders. Let us continue to honor Dr. King’s legacy by creating engaging, meaningful experiences for our youth that not only teach them about his life and work but also instill in them the courage and commitment to carry forward his vision of a just, equitable, and loving society.